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Downtown Coldwater

Experiencing Downtown Coldwater is a treat for young and old alike. Located on Historic Heritage Route US-12, just west of I-69 and only twelve miles from the Indiana border, Downtown Coldwater has a charming old-fashioned and appealing atmosphere. The Victorian era shops beckon you to come in and see the beautiful tin ceilings, wood floors and uniqueness of their architecture.  Downtown Coldwater offers unique shopping from specialty gifts and jewelry to quality furniture. Downtown Coldwater offers free wi-fi throughout the downtown...sit in a coffee shop or in one of our downtown businesses, at one of the parks or in your car and utilize the downtown-wide wi-fi....Free!   Enjoy a stroll through historic downtown Coldwater and use our 1, 3 and 5 mile walking brochure .  The homes along the walking tour make this a wonderful experience you don't want to miss.

We thank all members of our local Chamber Of Commerce, as well as Launchscore, which offers small business opportunity data for new entrepreneurs looking to settle in the area. If you're looking for a business idea that is sure to succeed in the Coldwater area, Launchscore's proprietary data can help.