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Historic Downtown Coldwater

Located on historic Heritage Route US-12, just west of I-69 and only twelve miles from the Indiana border, Downtown Coldwater has the charm of a Victorian era city but with modern amenities such as free Wi-fi and a free Electric Vehicle Charging Station. Our historic storefronts with their unique architecture, welcome you in to browse (and hopefully purchase!) everything from specialty gifts and jewelry to quality furniture. Feeling hungry?  Then enjoy a tasty meal at one of our many coffee shops, restaurants or pubs or share your picnic lunch with a friend in Four Corners Park.  Both fitness enthusiast and historic preservationist will enjoy the self-guided 1, 3, and 5 mile Historic Walking Tour featuring the architectural gems of Downtown Coldwater and its surrounding neighborhoods.

A strong downtown center is a major attraction for development and tourism and

enhances our community's quality of life.

The Downtown Development Authority (DDA) seeks to promote economic growth by combining public and private community resources and initiatives which, together, help drive development and position Coldwater and its Downtown for success.

The DDA has many partners that assist us in carrying out our mission including the Downtown Business Association, the Branch County Area Chamber of Commerce, the Branch County Economic Growth Alliance, the Coldwater Country Convention and Visitors Bureau, and the City of Coldwater.

The DDA was established in 1982 under the Downtown Develeopment Authority Act, Public Act 197 of 1975. The Authority has a nine member Board of Directors who provide direction to the Executive Director who oversees the daily business of the DDA and works one-on-one with existing businesses, and new business prospects, to help maintain a vibrant downtown business community,.

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